Year by year croatian and foreign artists leave their artworks on walls and in the public areas of Opuzen. Gradually the small town transforms in an open-air gallery, which offers its content free of charge to citizens and visitors throughout the year.


In various workshops, group performances and small projects Zen Opuzen creates special opportunities for the local youth to take an active role in the festival and to improve their creative skills in a direct contact with the artists. A particular focus is set on the “use of recycling materials”. Every day the river Neretva carries plastics, agricultural debris and all sorts of discarded stuff from upstream regions. Zen Opuzen wants to point out possibilities of reusing waste materials and inspire young people to care about natural resources.


On the last day of the festival everybody sets out for the traditional cycling tour. Promoting the use of bicycles in the biologically sensitive area in Opuzens surroundings, the cruise connects the new artworks and freshly painted walls.
During the whole festival period visitors are welcome to enjoy Kite - or Windsurfing in the Neretva river delta, which is a great and well known surfing hotspot.


Every year the “Zen Opuzen Street Art Festival” receives great attention in various print- and online media. Professional animators hold fun events for Kids, while the festivals evenings offer a rich musical program involving young local musicians and djs. Throughout the year, the paintings and installations in the “open air gallery” provide the city of Opuzen and the wider area of the Neretva-Valley with a unique tourist attraction.



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