Graffiti, sculptures, land art, street performances, theater, film-screenings, music events, workshops

The Street Art Festival "Zen Opuzen" lasts one week and is held every summer in Opuzen, a small town in south Croatia. Artists from around the world are invited to show their talent and bring life to grey façades or abandoned factories and houses. There are no limits in terms of artistic expressions and various forms of visual arts, graphics, sculptures, street performances and land art are used to transform unpleasant public space into a place of visual pleasure.

The project aims to create a dialogue between locals and the visitors from abroad, enabling exchange and inspiration on both sides. In discussions and film-screenings challenges of sustainable development, ecology and the community are addressed. A strong pillar is the work with children and teens: The youngest inhabitants of Opuzen and the Neretva-Valley are actively participating in the creation of the event and learn different artistic techniques in workshops and trough personal contact with the artists.

Zen Opuzen started as an initiative of “Santa Valerio”, a local non-profit organisation. The grassroot-movement is supported by “el Patrol” - a swiss organisation dedicated to art, culture and sustainable development.

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